About Us

KISAN FORUM, has been active in the realm of Agricultural extension for the past 21 years. Our objective is to keep farmers in tune with the latest technologies and to harness emerging opportunities in transforming their lives. As part of our efforts, we have worked on several large-scale projects towards this aim.   

Some of these are:

KISAN : India's Largest Agri Show


We first organized the Kisan show 21 years ago, with the goal of creating a unified platform
for farmers across India. An annual event, this show has been running successfully till date,
and over a hundred thousand farmers and agri-related professionals from across India visit
us  every year, with the sole intention of discovering 'what's next'!

KISAN samvaad

We operate a small call center popularly known as 'KISAN samvaad', and have compiled 
large volume of data on the Indian farming community (500,000+). Currently, this database
helps us update farmers by broadcasting relevant and timely messages via SMS and email.
Other possible applications and services are also being explored, utilizing the unfolding
potential of new media.

KISAN means farmer and Samvaad means dialogue in most Indian languages. : Website for Farming Community

This is our initiative which is envisioned as a platform for sharing knowledge and information
amongst the Indian farming community, sans geographic limitations.

Mobile Apps
The same online platform will be presented to the ever-increasing number of our farmers 
connecting to Internet on their mobile and tablets. This media will help initiate more 
interaction and increased contribution.

Pashudhan Indian Livestock Industry Fair


Pashudhan fair is envisioned with an intention to bring together the important stakeholders on a common platform. The fair will present new technologies, innovations and emerging opportunities and set the agenda for a dynamic Indian livestock sector. It will be the first of it kind fair in India focused exclusively on Animal Husbandry sector.

KISAN Sampark

KISAN runs a project called as KISAN Sampark. Under this project, team of KISAN representatives travel across the country to meet agriculture community. They meet farmers, trades, dealers etc. and inform them about KISAN exhibition, In-short update them about all the activities of KISAN Forum Pvt. Ltd., collects the new data and updates the existing one.

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